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The previous post’s painting might have been titled “Untitled I.”  I think all abstract paintings are best left untitled, but we have to catalog them and for that purpose they need an ID.  Notice how lame the title “Stretch” is for this painting. Why not “Two Kites” or “Yellow and Blue” or “Two White Lines and Three Black Lines” or “Some Orange Fireworks?”  All equally lame.  Attempts at metaphysics would lead to titles like “Inner Conflict” or “Revelations” or “Finding My Way.”  Even worse!

The reason titles that try to be descriptive are so bad is that the painting is not descriptive of anything.  The painter is not trying to describe or illustrate anything.

In naming my own paintings I have taken an absurd route, determined to avoid descriptive lameness.

http://katherinehilden.com.  In a section called Notes, I explain how I arrived at those forgettable titles:

http://katherinehilden.com/notes.html.   The result is that I cannot remember the titles of my own paintings, which is what I want.  I have to remember them visually.

This is the second of twelve consecutive posts featuring the work of Bruce Boyer.  I want everyone to be able to scroll down and see this work as uninterrupted by verbiage as possible.  I’ll comment occasionally, but sometimes not at all.  Let this simulate a gallery experience.

All paintings are 30”x40” and were produced earlier this year, from January to May, but will not be posted in the order of their production.


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