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This drawing conveys a sense of depth even though at first sight it may appear to be a simple line drawing.  I don’t mean depth in the sense of perspective.  There’s none of that here.  I mean depth in the sense of complexity of perception.  The subject matter is easy to read.  It’s a plant in a pot and on the table next to it is a figurine.  What gives the drawing depth is the variations on the theme of black-gray—and–white.  All possible combinations are documented, as if in an encyclopedia: white on gray, white on black, gray on white, gray on black, black on white, black on gray.  I doubt that the artist/student, Monte, set out with an encyclopedic intention.  If he had, the work would probably not be as intriguing and fun to look at.  It’s a smart, witty drawing.  Uncanny, once you see the play on values, the technical term for shades.

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