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14ElizMendHerself1My little Canon is always in my pocket.  In class I take shots of students’ works in progress, of the view of the lake, of the photogenic mess in the sink, of finished work and even of unassuming students.  I think it must have been E.M.’s white shirt and black cap that made the shutter click. Once the photos were on the computer screen, I immediately saw the repetition of the square/rectangle motif.  (It’s easier 14ElizMendHerself1BWlinesto see this when the photo is black/white.) 

I couldn’t resist.  I treated myself to an afternoon of drawing. 

To start, a sketch in china marker, 11 x 8½.  Having learned from that exploration, I did a second drawing, 14 x 11, in china marker and Stabilo pencil. 

14ElizMendoza3A14ElizMendoza1Another drawing followed.  More on that and students’ reaction in the next post.

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