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In the fall, I go to the beach with a book, a chair and a sturdy umbrella to block the wind.  When I look up, I let the last paragraph sink in and then the mind wanders and after two hours of this the mind doesn’t even wander anymore.  It’s scrubbed clean by the foaming, whooshing waves. That’s why people go to the beach and stare out at the horizon. We’re all familiar with this feeling, it’s a cliché.


What I want to add is that it’s the horizontal lines in themselves that do the scrubbing.  Look at this.

Nothing but horizontal lines. Over and over. With variation!  When you’re on the beach you’re IN this rhythm, which is always in motion and therefore it’s hard to see the pattern AS pattern.  The photo makes the point: horizontal lines with variations.    If being swept into the memory of such a scene keeps you 13BeachSandVertical2from seeing LINES, then try this:

Ah, Photoshop, a great tool for helping us see anew.

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