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121108LinesBad1Looking at art you don’t like is a valuable exercise.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but I recommend that you get yourself a library book that contains your most loathed paintings, pour yourself a favorite drink and ensconce yourself with this picture book in a soft pile of cushions in the corner of your couch. You’re scrutinizing the image of this loathsome work of art and at the same time you’re introspecting, observing what happens in your imagination.  What chain reaction of associations does this image unleash?  Do it one evening, just set aside an hour for this weird exercise.  Then rest a few days and repeat.

Here are the seven line drawings that do not feel right. (See previous post for the five good ones).  Btw, the ratio of 5 good to 7 bad is about right.  I expected a higher number to turn out bad.  Remember, these drawings took only a few seconds, were done without revisions or corrections, one after the other.

You can start your meditation on bad art right here with these line drawings. (Click for enlargements.)



In the next post,perhaps I should reproduce some of my favorite loathsome works by such luminaries as Max Beckmann,  Richard Diebenkorn, Pablo Picasso and August Renoir.  Would I dare?

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