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“Most of the writers and artists I know were made for sheltering in place.  The world asks us to engage, and for the most part we can, but given the choice we’d rather stay home.  I know how to structure my time.  I can write an entire novel without showing a page of it to anyone. I can motivate myself without a deadline or a contract.  I was happy, even thrilled, to stop traveling.  I had spent my professional life looking at my calendar, counting down the days I had left at home.  Now every engagement I had scheduled in 2020 was canceled.  With each day, I felt some piece of scaffolding fall away.  I no longer needed the protection.  I was an introvert again.”

———from Ann Patchett, These Precious Days. Published in Harper’s Magazine, January 2021


For the full story, https://harpers.org/archive/2021/01/these-precious-days-ann-patchett-psilocybin-tom-hanks-sooki-raphael/



Cup of Water and A Rose, Francisco de Zurbarán, 1598-1664


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