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14ElizMendHerself6There were just four frames, taken in rapid succession. Here’s the second one. (See previous post.)

It must have been the sleeve.

When I brought my drawings to class, students remarked on the sleeve.  The sleeve, its shape and drapery, take center stage.  I had thought that part of FredericBazillethe reason why I responded to this photo was that it associated to Frédéric Bazille’s self-portrait at the Art Institute of Chicago, my favorite hang-out.  But the students said they didn’t know this painting and for them the mystique of the white sleeve came through unmitigated.

Both this pose and the previous one show the figure turned away from the viewer.  The figure is introverted.  When a figurative drawing has appeal despite an averted gaze, you’re probably attracted to the quality of the drawing itself.   One student said, “I just want to look at it.”

14ElizMendoza2Highest compliment, thank you for that.

Notice that in both drawings, the figure is anchored in a pattern of rectangles, which was suggested by the patchy paneling on the studio wall.  The figure itself is a play of geometrical shapes and anatomically 14ElizMendoza3Bvague.  But the rectangles in the composition add solidity and gravitas and make the elusive figure convincing.(Left, the first study, in china marker.)

The drawings are made with china maker on gloss paper.  The final drawings have a touch of Stabilo pencil and some splashing with dissolved Stabilo.

Frédéric Bazille, 1841-1870

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