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I love looking at this painting. It plays with my sense foreground and background. Just when I think it’s the orange shape, the large pink with its engaging texture demands attention. Then there’s the gray and white section, so atmospheric, with just a little black intrusion at the edge to make me wonder what’s going on there. Is the black invading or receding?The green underpainting adds depth of thought and a sense of process.  The division between gray-white-black and pink-orange teases me into reflecting on the history of image making and photography. 
This painting measures 40 x 30 inches. It is the first painting by a person who has never painted before. It was painted in two class periods of three hours each. How is this possible!? Granted, the ambiance in the class is stimulating, the students are bright and motivated, all of them, and I as the instructor enjoy lively conversation. But still, amazing.
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