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13WoodFiguresThey’re totally useless for studying anatomy, of course.  Anyone can see that the limbs of these humanoids can be twisted and bent into impossible poses.  But, still, they’re fun to draw and in a drawing, not surprisingly, they often take on insect characteristics or look like extraterrestrials.


Above, in Janet’s drawing, notice how the humanoid’s head participates in a triangular configuration with the two large, visually dominant veggies.  This drawing basically consists of these three round forms and striped surfaces.  Because these two motifs dominate, the humanoid body doesn’t present itself as more important, which gives the overall composition a high mark.


In Gaby’s drawing the still life is irrelevant and instead she draws the hominoids from different angles and makes them overlap.  To do this, you have to visualize how they would relate on the page as a design pattern, without projecting some corny expression or narrative into them.

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