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Buzz—Zone—Energy.  Whatever you call it, something extraordinary happens in a painting and drawing studio.    And, for now, I don’t even mean the results on paper and canvas.  I mean the change in the way your mind works.  Students have often told me,  that at the end of a three-hour class they SEE things differently.  The drive from is distinctly different from the drive to.  Street lights are still street lights but they are also unexpected disks of color against, say, a gray/brown rectangular pattern of buildings.  Tree trunks and telephone poles appear to be rhythms; foliage appears as texture;   the horizon becomes a defining line; a lawn will look like a water color wash.  You still drive safely and you find your way home just as you do when you go grocery shopping, but the drive from the art class has another dimension.  Art makes you aware of form.  It’s quite thrilling. It’s transforming, transcendent, transfixing, transmogrifying, transmitting, transporting, transposing,  translating.  Art puts you in a trans mode, hmmm.  It’s also transient, alas, and transgressing.  It’s a gas.  It’s a trip.  It’s like totally awesome.   I don’t understand why art classes are not filled to overflowing.

Above, my landscape painting class on a rainy day, when we were inside and working on color, values and composition.  Notice that the trees in the painting and the hair of the artist/student take on the same form.

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