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Here we are, awake again after many months of life distractions.

We last talked about practice. Yes, practice!  Practice-practice-practice.

This woke me up today:


Hilary Hahn, a world class solo violinist, posts on Instagram about her daily practice sessions, all by herself, in some ordinary room.  To get inspired by her fiery performances just type in her breathy name on youtube.  If you only have one minute, click Instagram and  watch her tuning that thing— gets me fired up every time.  This is it, kids, boys and girls, students of all ages. This is the work.


This really about practice.  She edits it down to one minute.  She takes out the bits that are brilliant.  Leaves in the bits where she’s struggling—where she works out the kinks.

Practice = Concentration = Intense Experience.

So, that’s it. Admit it, you can’t wait to practice.  It’s when you feel focused and alive.

You have your own favorite adjectives for this experience. Or maybe it leaves you speechless. But for now, make time to be focused and alive. Practice.

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