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We’ve seen a “stripe painting” by this artist before. https://artamaze.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/stripes/
Stripe is a “fast” word, it summarizes and generalizes.
Now close your eyes and recall what it was like to look at this painting. My guess is that you don’t remember “stripes” at all, but the surprise you felt at the nuances of colors and the subtleties in the transitions from one to another.
Stripes are used in flags and sports uniforms. Why? Because stripes are bold, clear, high contrast and easy to recognize and remember. Your reaction to flag stripes and sport stripes is instantaneous. But while Maria Palacios’ painting can generally be categorized under “stripes,” your reaction to it is far from instantaneous. It invites you to linger and find delight in how it teases you out of your ho-hum expectations. When that happens, you’re not saluting and you’re not clear and bold about anything. You’re having an aesthetic experience. Aren’t we lucky!
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