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14MyClassDrawingsHands.  Oh, no!

But hands are just more of the same: shapes, shapes, shapes.

Easier said than done.

Of course, drawing hands is hard.  They’re so complicated!  Downright weird sometimes.

The tendency is to either overwork them or to just put down some scratchy lines and walk away from the challenge.

The challenge is to practice drawing the beasties so much that you get to the point where you can gracefully suggest the gesture of the hand without belaboring it.  Easier said…


I brought in Xeroxed copies of these two hands clasping.  Turns out, you can put your non-drawing hand into the position of each of the two hands, more or less, and study the anatomy of your fingers to make sure you know what the photo is showing.

I did the demo, pointing out that you always draw from the general to the specific: draw shapes, not fingers. The fingernail should be faintly suggested, nothing more. Easier said…

One of the things I stress when we work from photos is that the drawing will not duplicate the photo.  The drawing “translates” the photo into its own visual language.  The students said that my drawing made the hands look more energetic than they are in the photo.  Yesss!!  Once you see that, you’re half way there.

Now all you have to do is practice.  Practice drawing hands!  A most rewarding way to spend an hour a day.  Think of it as a treat.  Instead of staying, now I’m going to sit down and practice drawing, say, woo-hoo, now I’m going to treat myself to an hour of drawing.

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