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Sketching in a café, a museum or on the beach is a pleasure and it’s nice to have a small sketchbook in your backpack to suit your mood and your drawing technique.  I’ve never liked the sketchbooks that are available in stores.  I like sketching with markers on a particular, glossy paper and so, a few years ago, I simply started making my own sketch books.  This involves a little effort but not too much and I find it’s worth it.

To make your own sketch book:

1. Find a book on your shelves or in a used-book store that’s just the right size for a sketch book.  Cut out the printed pages, which you’ve never bothered to read anyway or which you judge to be trash. Throw these into your recycling bin.  Punch one or two holes into the covers.

2.  Cut the paper you love to fit the covers.

3. Punch holes into the paper to match the holes in your covers.

4. Buy some rings at your local Office Depot.

So easy!  This may change your life.

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