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I call this drawing “Beaucoup 119.”  It’s inspired by Hubbart Street Dance Chicago’s performance of “Too Beaucoup,” which I saw at the Harris Theater in March.  The choreography by Sharon Eyal reminded me of swarms of insects moving in twitching groupings that made sense in the grammar of the Locust Language, as spoken by the upper crust of that society.  It was an astonishing performance and, for me, exhausting to watch.  But it stuck in the mind. Two or three days later it came back to me and I understood it, though I don’t want to be called upon to write an essay explaining it.  It just hit me in all its frenetic, percussive power.  Perhaps I can claim to understand it visually and kinetically.

This drawing in conté is on ledger paper (acid free), hence the number 119.  Unframed, about 10 x 16; framed, 18 x24.

It is my contribution to the benefit exhibition at the Evanston Art Center, which will open this Sunday afternoon, May 1. Since this is a benefit, all art works will be priced to sell.  And there is much to choose from: drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, pottery.    For more information, go to www.evanstonartcenter.org



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