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That’s all it is, a doodle.  But it’s a good exercise in visualizing dimension. (Click on image to read the text.)  It looks simple, even silly, but it turns out to be tricky, especially when the ribbon starts winding with some abandon, like this:

I bring this up at this point in the blog, because we’re getting into drapery.  Everyone will tell you that drawing drapery can drive you nuts.  You look at the bulges and valleys in the fabric and then you look again and then again and before long you don’t know where you are in that meandering mess. Nuts.

The ribbon doodle is a simplified version of drapery.  I helps you visualize the drama of up and down, back and forth, visible and invisible.  That is exactly what you have to do to get a hold of drapery –in your mind.  You have to visualize the whole drama.  More later.  In the meantime, keep the ribbon smooth…don’t get tied into knots.  Practice.

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