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The discussion in the previous post (2.8.11) finds ample illustrations in “real life.”

Here are some of my own life drawings that show the model displaying the neck-meets-jaw angle. Notice that this requires a foreshortening of the face, with the chin being prominent; the nose seen as a triangle (from underneath); the bridge of the nose very short;  the eye, a mere arc; and the forehead losing all of its real height, because it is the farthest section away from the eye of the artist;  oh, and the hair on the top of the head barely makes an appearance.

Pulling this off takes practice, both in seeing and in drawing.   Errmm–has anybody noticed!– that’s the theme running through these posts on technique.  Practice!

(The drawing at the top consists of five  three-minute drawings.  The standing pose, above, is a ten-minute drawing.  The seated pose, left, is a fifteen-minute pose.)

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