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Not Being Creative

At a 12-year-old’s birthday last weekend, I drew all the kids.   Since we had time left over, I drew one of the girl’s aunts.  She was not very auntie-like, more like a very self-assured, stylish 23-year old.  Part of my job is to make people comfortable and I know sitting there and being stared at isn’t sociable.  So, I chat and ask every day sorts of questions.  In fact, I had been asking kids for their age all evening and so, out of habit,  I asked her too;  that was awkward, but she was gracious.  Anyway, I asked my usual stuff,  like…and  what do you do, Emily.  Oh, she said, she was working  for an investment company now, to cover her tuition so that she could go back to school.  She was going to study public health at George Washington U.   Very serious work, very honorable, I said, or something like that.  Then she said, she wished she could do something creative like me.  She seemed very serious about that.  Well, I said, you probably do something creative.  No, she said, nothing, nothing at all, can’t do anything.  I’m drawing all the while this little conversation is going on.  She had perfect makeup and a smart, magazine-worthy haircut that I needed to get down.  Without interrupting my work, I said very softly, what’s it like, not being creative.  Boring, she said.




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