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The drawing I discussed at length in the last post was done in China Marker on gloss paper, where erasing is possible only by scraping with a razor blade.  The same materials were used for this drawing, from that same drawing session, 1.17.11.   In this drawing I did no scraping, but only added the dark background later and then also deepened some of the work on the figure itself with bolder strokes of the China Marker—not in outlines, but in patches.

In the next drawing I started to experiment with the addition of perspective lines, carefully measured out on the drawing board.  The drawings, generated from a ten to fifteen minute pose, can certainly left as is, but I’m finding it more and more interesting to fiddle with composition later when I’m back in my own studio.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a before-and-after for these drawing.  I’ll be more pedagogically minded in the future and remind myself to scan in the drawing before it gets subjected to “atmospherics” and compositional calculations.

This last drawing is in pencil (6B) on a scrap of museum grade mat board, about 10 x 10.   Acid free mat board is a luxurious support for drawing because it’s very soft, spongy almost, and allows the soft pencil to dig in to produce a rich, juicy line.  It’s not intended to be drawn on, being rather like compressed lint and lacking fiber.  But it offers the added perk of not allowing for erasing.  Hmmm, that limitation focuses the mind.

More on fiddling with composition, atmospherics and developing a drawing…soon.



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