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People who still believe that art is supposed to imitate nature need to see these dancers.  If this is an imitation of nature, it surely is of the interstellar kind.  The anatomy is familiar; they are not a different species.  The movements, however, take us into the realm of the impossible, not just athletic impossibility (that would be mere entertainment) but an experience that evokes the word “transcendence.”  The fact that the piece titled “Physikal Linguistiks” brought the dancers, through speech and proximity, to the edge of the mundane, heightened my awareness of the gap between nature and art.  There’s really nothing to do after such an experience but to go home quietly and somehow inject more energy into ones life and to find new possibilities.

I went home to my drawing board and quietly  filled a page with drawings. No gallery will show such work in our time.  I drew, not for recognition, but out of the need to draw.


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