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Drawing at the Y this past Monday I was challenged by Renaye’s averted eyes.  Since she was looking towards the window, her irises reflected the bright light.  But her irises are black. That was the challenge: to show them black, reflecting light and at the same time barely visible because the eyes were turned away from me at such an extreme degree.  That’s only the iris. Another challenge came from the fact that her eyes were slanted upward and getting the outer canthus higher than the inner–from this averted angle–took a bit of work. (Canthus=corner of the eye)

When drawing eyes, it helps to remind yourself that you’re drawing a ball.  There’s an eyeball in there even if you don’t see the whole sphere.  This is a recurring theme in my drawing class. To illustrate the anatomy of the eyeball and its eyelids, I have brought oranges to class and sliced out the stylized forms of the eyelids.   This allows you to see the thickness of the eyelids and how the eyelids hug the curvature of the eyeball.  It’s uncanny, isn’t it, how eye-like this slightly augmented orange looks.  It’s also fun to draw.  Observe the nuances of the shadow.  You can do this.  It’s only an orange. But in your drawing it will look like an eyeball, something that’s generally considered to be a hard thing to draw.  Well, it is—and it isn’t.

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