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Yesterday, while browsing in my favorite used-books store I came across The Expressionists by W. D.  Dube, 1972, a paperback with wonderful illustrations. One of those is by Paul Klee (1879-1940), an artist whose work we expect to look like this.

This is an artist who did extensive studies of natural phenomena, like plants and landscapes and also academic disciplines like perspective.  In 1908 he wrote: “ Given new strength by my naturalistic studies, I may now dare to tread once more my original ground of psychic improvisation…I may dare once more to give shape to what is actually weighing on my soul. To note down experiences, which could translate themselves into lines in complete darkness. This is a potentiality for original creation which has long existed, interrupted only temporarily by the timidity caused by isolation.”

But here’s a drawing, reproduced in the book I found yesterday, that takes the idea of looseness to an ecstatic level.  This is from 1911, “Scene in a Restaurant.”

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