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Drawing faces and hands

Drawing is easy, really.  Once you see.  Of course, you think you see, because you get through the day without bumping into walls.  But in order to draw you need to cultivate your seeing, you need to make your seeing more nuanced.  That’s all.

Now, reality is hard to see in all its nuances. (We won’t get into the reasons for this, either philosophical or biological here.  Maybe some other time.)  So don’t start by drawing a real object.  Ease yourself into the act of seeing.  Start by drawing from a photo or, better yet, by copying  a drawing.  Pick a drawing you admire and copy it.  This gets your hand moving and your eye observing.  Please, remind yourself that this is only a beginning and don’t let yourself get stuck in the act of copying.

Here are two pages I did while sitting next to students, drawing along with them, and illustrating certain issues they were struggling with.

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